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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Katy meets the blaster

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Katy Perry, the famous American Pop star is out on her second outing to India. She has been excited and was here to perform at the inauguration ceremony of the Indian Premiere League. She did entertain a croud of thousands and had literally set the stage in glitters. Her dress was much appreciated and the Indian ornaments on her just added to the beauty. 

Katy Perry, also was excited to meet the little Master - Sachin Tendulkar. Meeting the god of cricket was a dream come true for the pop star and she even posted the picture on her blog ""Had a great time at the IPL ceremony in India. Met Sachin Tendulkar, one of the BEST cricket players in the world!" says her. 

Katy was also all praises for Priyanka Chopra, who had performed at the same event and is excited about her English album that she is about to launch as a singer. Priyanka is planning to launch the album at LA, Katy says "lovely to meet you! Can't wait to host you in Los Angeles...also can't wait to raid your closet." With a strong singer like Katy on her side, PC will have a good go at the singing section as well. Its not the first time the DON girl has been praised for her dresses, earlier Victoria Beckham had commented on her and she was listed as the most influential women. Even midst of controversies, PC is finding her place in the industry.

BIG B wants a share of Katy!

Thats the news, Amitabh Bachchan who did perform at the IPL events was also excited about getting to know about the singer and he even blogged that he wanted the autograph of the pop singer. "The grand daughter has a fancy for the singer Katy Perry. I hope I have the name correct. She had performed along with several others at the opening of the IPL last night, and now Navya wants her autograph for she loves her. So efforts are on to make that happen!!," Bachchan posted on his blog. 

The 27 year old singer is already a role model for many but Amitabh Bachchan seems to find his age hindering in the information about her, and he blames the generation gap for it "I would probably get killed for this, but I had not heard of her till last night. The age difference is playing havoc!," he said. The 69-year old actor had recently done few surgeries and is recovering. 

"In hospital a friend gave me an entire collection of songs, some unprinted too, of the Beatles. Bet today's grandchildren would 'snuff' at that, but for us it was like possessing a Bible ?" sacred and pure and so full of all the worth in the world." adds the actor who is excited about western music.

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