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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Politics: Why BJP still wants to hold with Advani

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After the much of debate, the senior leader to BJP, L. K. Advani was forced to cancel his resignation. The whole of nation was talking about the differences between Mr. Advani and Narendra Modi. But these differences are now referred to as internal and the BJP doesn't want their senior leader out.

On the backside of this note, there has been another opinion posted in by OneIndia ( opening up another perspective on this issue
Advani, who recently withdrew his resignation from all posts of BJP, was given the responsibility to break the ice between Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and other BJP leaders. According to sources, Kumar and his party JD(U) may break its 17-year-old ties with BJP and may join Congress. JD(U) leaders reportedly were disappointed with BJP which recently has promoted Gujarat CM Narendra Modi as its election campaign chairman.

JD(U) sources said that its leaders are convinced that BJP would declare Modi as its Prime Minister nominee for the upcoming elections which are expected to be held in 2014. Kumar has always been opposing Modi's candidature for the BJP PM post. Kumar, who is expected to announce the party's final decision after June 14, on Thursday, June 13 confirmed that he spoke to BJP leaders Rajnath Singh and Advani. However, he did not give any assurance to the BJP leaders about salvaging the partnership to contest the national elections together.
So this might be the ultimate case that RSS and other allies of BJP doesn't want Advani out of the equation as his expertise would certainly drive the JDU people back with the BJP, who has all eyes on the government, as Congress has not been able to impress the citizens with their drastic economic and social reforms.

Unfortunately when it comes to corruption, both parties are still giving one another a tough competition!!

Updated at: Thursday, June 13, 2013