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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TimeAppsule : Time When Your Message Opens

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Timeappsule is a new app developed for both Apple which allows the sender to send a message/image/videos/location locked and open only when the appsule is ready to be unlocked. The time is set by the sender and this is close to the self destructing movies.

With the likes of Snapchat we’ve already got self-destructing messages for video but nothing for timed release. The TimeAppsule has a selection of capsules for varying occasions but internally they’re completely open to store whatever is needed.

Louise Orpin, co-founder of TimeAppsule said: "Mobile devices currently provide functionality to share immediate or self-destructing gifts, messages and content, but not content which unlocks at a set time. We want to change the way users curate their gifts and messages across the globe, putting even more power in the sender’s hands."

TimeAppsule is free and available on the Apple App Store yesterday with Android to follow soon.

Updated at: Tuesday, December 17, 2013


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